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Type of canvas


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What is a canvas?

Polyester canvas. This type of fabric provides the most shade.

It is a heavy fabric used for the manufacture of sails, tents, canopies and other functions where
robustness is required.

Acrylic canvas. They are composed of acrylic fibre. They are highly resistant to the passage of
light, protect against wind and are aesthetically pleasing. They can be waterproof and stain-
resistant. This type of fabric is the most commonly used in invisible arm awnings.

PVC canvas. Their main characteristic is that they are waterproof. They are very durable
because, instead of being sewn, they are welded. They are not the most suitable for hot
places, as they heat up very easily.

Micro-perforated canvas. They have a great capacity for thermal insulation, they reduce heat
thanks to their high transpiration. One of their characteristics is that they do not impede
visibility, as they are translucent fabrics. They are one of the most modern tarpaulins and are
composed of a structure of polyester or fibreglass thread coated with PVC.

Polyester canvas. This type of fabric provides the most shade. They are very resistant to the
passage of time and offer significant protection against stains and mildew.

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